Let there be light

October 9, 2007


Though we’ve been experiencing a bit of Indian Summer here in NYC we’re definitely heading toward Fall. The sun is hanging out less so the days are shorter and that means darkness – specifically in my apartment. Thank god my Design Within Reach catalog came in the mail today and I’ve been able to find some stunning antidotes to the impending winter blahs.

tom-dixon-copper-pendant-light.jpgThese copper and mirrored ball lights from Tom Dixon are fabu! I’d love to have a cluster of them over the diningmirror-ball-lamps.jpg room table or hovering over an enormous, frothy bubble bath…


spun-t1-table-lamp.jpg I also adore this table lamp from Sebastian Wrong for Flos (also available in white). Not that I have the surface space for anything else in my life. So sad. What I do have is innumerable heirlooms that I suppose are special in terms of family history, but not exactly my taste – you agree? Yeah, believe me, I know. But fear not, that Holly Hobby relic is in the minority in terms of my furnishings and relegated to a hidden corner of my apartment.

Oh, by the way, that’s the Cellula chandelier at the top, by Nunzia Carbone & Tiziano Vudafieri – stunning!


One comment

  1. that first one is the most beautiful light fixture ever…

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