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Guilty Confessions

January 26, 2008

So, my parent’s have been visiting for just short of an eternity and my sister and I have been pulling out our hair keeping them busy. Lunches, dinners, movies, theaterwicked.jpg – lots of theater – I’m feeling very cultured. And totally exhausted. Not to mention exasperated, I really don’t know how people used to live with their families for their entire lives, but then maybe that’s why so many died young…

At any rate as a late birthday present we decided to take our mother to see Wicked. I’ve actually been a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz my entire life – when I was 4 my family and friends put on a full scale production recorded for posterity on Super 8 – but I digress…

Anyway, for some reason I’d been wary of seeing Wicked. Despite having grown up watching and loving musicals – everything from Singing In The Rain to The Wiz to Everyone Says I Love You – I’ve gotten a bit jaded when it comes to Broadway. However, I kind of loved it. The sets, songs and performers were great, it was truly fun. Though I’m loathe to admit it, I’m clearly not as jaded as I thought – there were even a couple of songs that made me tear up. Oy god, I’m such a sap!

Fine, since I’ve already confessed to being sappy, I might as well lay it all out on the table.

A couple of months ago my sister and I took a friend to see Xanadu for her birthday. (I promise, I really am kind of cool.) Again, had seen the movie as a child, and though I can’t say it was my favorite, it’s one of those cult things that you can’t help but know about. And as much as I’d like to slam this one, I can’t.xanadu.jpg Sure, it was totally campy and cheesey, but you know what? It rocked! Even the concession stand got into the act. In addition to selling the requisite “Xanadu Brand” t-shirts they had a fab array of apparel from leg warmers to short shorts. Also a great variety of 80s refreshments like Pop Rocks, Tab, candy necklaces and Shasta. You can see it, right? Pretty fricken’ awesome.

So yeah, from the moment we arrived we could tell we were gonna have a great time, but as we stood in the lobby gulping wine while waiting for the festivities to begin we began wishing we had gotten a little more into the act. I fished around in my bag and found some glittery lip gloss which I brandished with a flourish to jazz up our eyelids and lips and paint little stars on our cheekbones – ok, maybe I am a freak…


Of Turkey and Tudors

November 30, 2007

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with fantastic friends, delicious food, bucketsquelf.jpg of wine and board game called Quelf that I highly recommend (by the end of play one friend had his hand wrapped in tinfoil, another had a box under her dress and there was an egg sitting on the middle of the board) no seriously, it’s fun. Later in the evening we found the karaoke.jpgOn Demand karaoke channel which proved to be a lot of fun…until the next morning when I woke up with laryngitis! Yeah, it sucked, but my sister and her husband took care of me, making me tea and turkey sandwiches and, the piece de la resistance: we had free premium cable channels all weekend!

the_tudors.jpgOn Sunday morning I decided to give The Tudors on Showtime a look…and ended up watching the entire season! It was pretty fascinating what with all the drama, death, intrigue and sex – did I mention the sex, wowza! But really, I think it was the hot guys that kept me going. It’s a great cast: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sam Neill, Jeremy Northam, Gabrielle Anwar (forgotten all about her hadn’t you? yeah, me too),cavill.jpg but I have to say, Henry Cavill is my new boy crush. I think it’s because he has that cocky/bad boy look and sadly that always seems more attractive…

Anyway, I’m thinking I may have to sign up for Showtime so I can catch the second season next year – great, another distraction, just what I need!!


signs of the apocalypse…

November 19, 2007

parker_posey.jpgOver the years hundreds of actors have compromised their craft and shilled their signature voices for various businesses and products, but this morning I saw (or heard) a commercial that goes on my list of new signs of the apocalypse – indy star Parker Posey’s voiceover for Marshalls.

Please Parker, say it ain’t so!parkerp.jpg


’tis the season

November 16, 2007

Yup, it’s that time again. Halloween masks had hardly come off when stores in my neighborhood started filling their windows with cotton balls, tinsel and snowmen. An avalanche of holiday catalogs have drifted through my mail slot, to say nothing of the myriad emails touting the latest decorations, gadgets and toys we all need to run out and buy – or sit on our asses and purchase online. Don’t get me wrong, I like to complain but I do love the holidays.

The following, however, are a couple things I question as being a necessary part of the upcoming festivities:

I got an email from the wonderful cooking supply store, Sur La Table thiscupcake.jpg

morning with one of the new “must haves” for the holiday season – a giant cupcake pan. Now maybe I’m crazy, but isn’t the whole point of a cupcake to be small in scale? If it’s giant, wouldn’t it then be a regular cake? Oh well, if it makes the kids happy, far be it from me to judge.

But then they also suggested this ceramic rooster as a gift: rooster.jpg

No, there’s nothing wrong with is per se, but does anyone really need more objects that simply take up room and have absolutely no function? More to the point, this one costs $250! I challenge anyone to convince me of the necessity of this over-priced tchotchke.

OK, that’s it for now but stay tuned for more outrageous holiday gifts and gadgets!


Coveted item of the day

October 11, 2007

These are just plain HOTTT


Roger Vivre Rose shoes


Let there be light

October 9, 2007


Though we’ve been experiencing a bit of Indian Summer here in NYC we’re definitely heading toward Fall. The sun is hanging out less so the days are shorter and that means darkness – specifically in my apartment. Thank god my Design Within Reach catalog came in the mail today and I’ve been able to find some stunning antidotes to the impending winter blahs.

tom-dixon-copper-pendant-light.jpgThese copper and mirrored ball lights from Tom Dixon are fabu! I’d love to have a cluster of them over the diningmirror-ball-lamps.jpg room table or hovering over an enormous, frothy bubble bath…


spun-t1-table-lamp.jpg I also adore this table lamp from Sebastian Wrong for Flos (also available in white). Not that I have the surface space for anything else in my life. So sad. What I do have is innumerable heirlooms that I suppose are special in terms of family history, but not exactly my taste – you agree? Yeah, believe me, I know. But fear not, that Holly Hobby relic is in the minority in terms of my furnishings and relegated to a hidden corner of my apartment.

Oh, by the way, that’s the Cellula chandelier at the top, by Nunzia Carbone & Tiziano Vudafieri – stunning!


Acid Wash? Really?

October 9, 2007

sevenacidwash.jpgStrolling around the internet recently I’ve noticed an odd, slightly unsettling new (actually old) trend: acid washed jeans. They’re coming back? Seriously? I love fashion as much as the next girl but I just don’t understand why the fashion gods insist on bringing certain things back. I thought we were all agreed that acid wash was a mistake the first time, so why do it to us again? Seven, Corpus and Urban Outfitters, among others, havecorpusskinny-jean.jpg all reintroduced this blast from the past but I have serious doubts about it being a popular trend this time around. I guess they really aren’t any worse than those dirty jeans from a few years ago. You know, the ones that made it look like you’d sat in a pool of mustard or chocolate or something. And the whiskering on the front pocket trend, was that supposed to be flattering? It wasn’t. What do you think they’ll do next?