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Coveted item of the day

November 7, 2007

Ahh, Balenciaga…

As alluded to previously, I diamond-heart.jpg Balenciaga bags. I can’t quite remember when this love affair started, but it was first consummated in about 2003 with this beauty: img_0752.jpg

gold legsThat said, my love affair is pretty restricted to the bags. Although there is the occasional item of clothing that leaves me drooling,fall 07 shoes there are quite a few that give me pause… Though if you can get away with this C3PO look, more power to you. It’s also hard to imagine on which occasion these shoes would come in handy, unless you were like, I don’t know, Rainbow Brite’s crunchy-fashionista cousin.

At any rate, my love for their yummy bags has not diminished, therefore, here are a few of the current ones that I’ve been dreaming of…

B white hoboTotally digging the hobo with the big hardware. I’d love it in black, or maybe purple…

Also love the round bag in Pine from Fall 2007.


Love the shape, love the color, love the hardware!

B blue GGH

This color is so rich and it would go with everything I own, but not as wild about the style (and as we know I already have a blue one, can”t be too crazy now, can I?!)

And then, ehem, there’s my new baby:


Yeah, I did it and I couldn’t be happier. It holds everything – computer, book, and all the myriad crap that I accumulate and lug around all over the city – and I wonder why I have neck and back problems!


Acid Wash? Really?

October 9, 2007

sevenacidwash.jpgStrolling around the internet recently I’ve noticed an odd, slightly unsettling new (actually old) trend: acid washed jeans. They’re coming back? Seriously? I love fashion as much as the next girl but I just don’t understand why the fashion gods insist on bringing certain things back. I thought we were all agreed that acid wash was a mistake the first time, so why do it to us again? Seven, Corpus and Urban Outfitters, among others, havecorpusskinny-jean.jpg all reintroduced this blast from the past but I have serious doubts about it being a popular trend this time around. I guess they really aren’t any worse than those dirty jeans from a few years ago. You know, the ones that made it look like you’d sat in a pool of mustard or chocolate or something. And the whiskering on the front pocket trend, was that supposed to be flattering? It wasn’t. What do you think they’ll do next?